I AM For Kids!

for kids is an empowerment program created as a very real guide to bringing about success, happiness and sustainability to the future of individuals and ultimately to our world.

To find out more about the mother program and all its little baby programs please go to The I AM Program and be treated to a balloon full of treats and information!

Learn how to bring connection and communication to your classroom or home in simple and rewarding ways!

Love and Good Wishes

Arna Baartz


16 thoughts on “I AM For Kids!

  1. Hi Arna! Thanks for finding my blog the other day! It’s super cool to read through your blog and to look at your workshops! We are definitely on the same path! I look forward to learning more from you and trying out some workshops as I discover my role more with helping children be their beautiful radiant selves!! Much love, Bradlee

    • Hi there Bradlee! what a sweetheart YOU are! I am glad we have connected also. The more conscious minds connecting with children the better!
      lots and lots of love, Arna

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