Meet Arna

I am the mother of eight amazing children ranging from 23 yr old twins to a beautiful  three yr old daughter.

I am a martial artist on my way to black belts in Hapkido and Tai Kwon Do, a visual artist, a poet, a dedicated educator and the author of

I AM Inspiration!

Currently writing ‘The True Power of Parenting’ and the second edition of

I AM Inspiration! – E I ED.

As a child I felt really different to others as though I was watching a play I didn’t quite fit into.

My family were nomadic and we moved house frequently so I was required to develop the skill of detachment very early. I wasn’t very good at it and anxiety was a common feeling for me.

Although my parents were loving and always did the best they could, they didn’t realise the psychological impact that the constant uprooting was having on my particular personality.

Parenting is a complex emotional job entailing so much more than we generally realise.

When I grew into a teenager I took my anxiety and fear and began repeating some of my familiar, historical programming.

 I met a man twice my age, and had children. It was a number of years into my own parenting, after a couple of relationship breakdowns that I began to connect the dots.

This beginning of awareness propelled me on my journey for emotional wellbeing.

I knew that to connect with my own happiness and joy, I would be gifting my children, at the very least, with the heightened potential to connect with their own.

Now I look back at my children’s childhood and can see where they clearly needed more true parental connection, more awareness- more yes’s than no’s, more trust, more opportunity for self expression. I see that the school system reflected society’s lack of understanding for the individuality and natural exuberance of children.

Things are changing now.

I think the stressful nature of our busy world and the expectations we place upon ourselves sometimes lead us to take our parenting for granted. We can be sidetracked or programmed by the ones before into blindly believing that our children are merely extensions of our selves albeit fascinating ones!

In reality the child is so unique as to be astoundingly needy of a mindful and individual 


It has taken me twenty two years of deep questing within the intense emotional world of parenting to discover that to stop for just a moment and lock eyes with my child, relaxing my inner physical body whilst doing so was all I needed to do (regularly) to establish a true channel of appreciation, communication and connection.

This is easy to say, not so difficult to do, but extremely challenging to remember when the world is spinning by, distracting everyone from the priority of happiness!

In the founding and directing of


I have made the decision to help families

to a serving of Joy and Happiness by being an advocate for fundamental change.

A BIG Thankyou to my fellow Bloggers for your encouragement, connection and awards!

Please visit and enjoy:


41 thoughts on “Meet Arna

    • Oh thank you! that is so lovely of you to say. most of it happened sort of by accident 🙂 I am grateful to my youthful exuberance though now that I have my many little creatures around to delight me!

  1. Arna, thanks for visiting and following my blog! It looks like yours is off to a great start. I’m eager to follow you right back. I have a hunch we may share some philosophies about kids!

  2. I get it!i pove it i hope you insire more to take those moments og locking eyes with your children. The world is too busy it needs to slow down. Thanks for your words!

    • you are very welcome THANKS for commenting, it IS SO important that we learn to love and accept ourselves and relax with our kids ….and each other x

  3. I especially am drawn to and connect with this: I knew that to connect with my own happiness and joy, I would be gifting my children, at the very least, with the heightened potential to connect with their own.

    I keep telling myself this and then get distracted by well all of the distractions. I know that I have the most to give my children by being true to myself and honouring myself.

    Thank you for your strong words and example.

    Do you mind if I post and quote the above with a link back to your blog?


    • Of course, repost if you think it will help others, that is an honour for me! It is a very distracting world I know! the best thing we can do is be kind to ourselves, even if it is just a little step each day, it makes so much difference, to the way kids feel about life and to the way we parent… the more I love myself the calmer and more opresent I seem to get with my little ones. Good on you MUMMA for being switched on xxx

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  5. What a fantastic story! It’s so nice to hear your honesty and it really is inspiring. It sounds like have made a true change. We all are heavily affected by our parents and carry around lots of baggage – it is difficult to recognize the baggage let alone try to change things. Way to go! Thank you forvisiting my blog as well.

  6. I am so excited to support and cheer you on! This is important and wonderful work, although ‘work’ is not exactly the right word, is it? More like a life-calling, a passion. You are an inspiration and I love this blog! Big happy hugs of celebration to a fellow peace-worker! xo Gina

    • Thankyou Gina! I appreciate your support so so MUCH! YES you are So right, not work at all just love love love… I could play at this every moment of the day.. (probably do!) a journey always and joyfully incomplete!

  7. Dear Arna,
    Your story is fascinating and inspiring! I look forward to getting to know more about you and the work you do through your writing, and thank you for subscribing to my blog!
    All the best,

  8. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I love what you say above about locking eyes with your child, while relaxing the inner body — I am sometimes shocked by how powerful the connection is with my little one when I remember to STOP and do just that!

  9. Dear Arna
    Thanks for following my blog. (sorry to post this here but I couldn’t see an email for you. Please feel free to delete this)
    This is just a quick message to let you know that I have moved my blog to a self-hosted site:
    It has been really wonderful having you as a follower and I would love it if you would pop along to my new site and follow me again.
    Wordpress will automatically redirect visitors at my old site along to my new site but unfortunately this feature isn’t available for the transfer of followers so you will need to redo that manually at my new site I’m afraid. I hope that made sense?!?!
    Anyway enough waffle from me, please do pop along to the new My Little 3 and Me and follow me there.
    I look forward to seeing you there.
    Very Best Wishes
    Emma x

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