Teaching children about the present

Repetitive PRESENCE exercises will help children come into conscious awareness and give them coping skills for life.

Each day speak enthusiastically of NOW.

 Do you find that much of your conversation with or in you child’s hearing is related to the past of worries about the future?

Create simple moments with your child to introduce the vocabulary of NOW

Take off your shoes and stand still, feel of the ground beneath your feet , repeat 3 times






you are love


Teaching our children begins with US!

SONY DSCDeveloping emotional intelligence  in children is akin to raising conscious awareness.

The most effective way to raise consciousness is step by step, one by one, awareness of the present, moment by moment until we are delivering an example of peace and happiness.

As you become a consciously aware parent and educator your essence will naturally flow outward  to your children in a healing wave of conscious awareness.

One by one we affect change.

There is an old proverb that goes something like ‘If my feet are hurting as I walk, do I cover the whole earth in leather or do I place leather over the soles my feet …?’

It must start with the I the individual.

We are responsible for our world and once 7 billion worlds are dancing to the music of harmony we will have achieved our goal of becoming all that we can be!

Easy Booklet to Develop Mindfulness in Families!

391836_10151274605293290_917052934_nWe have developed a simple 52 task and affirmation set to help parents,educators and kids reclaim their I AM’ness!

The HOMEFUN booklet is designed to activate the child’s awareness by using simple affirmations, techniques and suggestions.

The HOMEFUN booklet is an effective tool for developing awareness of self, others and the world around.

When used in conjunction with an ongoing program of personal growth the HOMEFUN booklet will re-iterate and lock into place a positive option for future decision making in a child’s mind.

Simply use at home with your children to create a more mindful family vibe!

Can be offered as a take home sheet at the end of each school week, the HOMEFUN sheet will encourage the child to continue their journey into self-acceptance on their own time.

You can pick up Home Fun at http://www.theiamprogram.com it’s only $5 and a portion of your purchase is being used to support LOVE IS THE ANSWER to look after beautiful little orphans in Uganda.

We are one!