Calling GREAT Educators!

P1050379Calling all great, forward thinking educators!!

I am looking for motivated, emotionally aware teachers who would consider running/piloting a simple Values program in the classroom for me?

The program is called Kids InTouch or the KIT, and includes the resources to cover a one hour session, once a week for one term, activity, affirmation, visualisation EASY! plus FREE second edition ‘E I ED’ Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children and Adding Value to Your Classroom’. It also comes with a simple feedback sheet to be completed at the end of term and collected by me.

At this stage the KIT is digital but will be available in the future in hardcopy as a the KIT for Educators and the KIT for Families.

I WOULD LOVE to hear from you…. the feedback will be part of our campaign to convince The Dept of Ed. to include a set values program into our school curriculum.

A MUCH needed addition to reach all kids especially those who might normally slip through the gap for a bright, sustainable and bully free future.
The I AM Program


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