Free I AM A Rainbow ~ I AM Love Meditation Download

SONY DSCThe I AM Program and Lorraine from Teach Children Meditation have combined our efforts to produce a FREE download for you and your children.

Providing tools to children to help them find their inner peace and calm is a lifetime gift.

Lorraine has a beautiful voice, very easy to listen to, I suggest this as a bedtime ritual with your children.

it would be amazing to see it being used in the classroom at least once a week for a more peaceful playground and as a family connection exercise.

However you choose to use this meditation I KNOW you will enjoy it and your family WILL benefit.

With love from the I AM Program and Feel Good Therapies.




4 thoughts on “Free I AM A Rainbow ~ I AM Love Meditation Download

  1. I introduced guided meditation as a sleep aid about a month ago with my 3.5 year old. I used this one night and she has been asking for it ever since. Thank you! When I narrated her guided meditation I often found myself drifting and saying the most bizzare things in trance state. Tee hee, now I can keep my mouth shut.

    • that is wonderful! I am excited to have your feedback. lorraine has a beautiful voice. its funny what we say as we enter that alpha state 🙂 I’ve done the same ! I’m so happy your baby likes our recording! xx

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