Westboro Baptist Church are Getting Away with BULLYING!

P1070205 2If the Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ intends to picket funerals of children I do believe they need to be arrested for disturbing the peace or inciting a riot.

It truly is NOT freedom of speech/first amendment stuff to cause emotional turmoil to others.

It is Pre-meditated emotional BULLYING!

If we wouldn’t allow it in the playground it shouldn’t be allowed on the streets.


Using fear to manipulate others is not a tactic that belongs to any true God but only to the separated human mind.

These Westboro people are misguided publicity hounds….don’t stand by and let it happen, SandyHook.



10 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church are Getting Away with BULLYING!

  1. I read a great book called ‘Am I Being Kind’ by Michael J Chase and he mentioned studies from the USA comparing schools that had strong anti bullying policy to schools that chose to deal with it by intentionally cultivating a culture of kindness. Bullying got worse or remained the same in the first schools and in the second group was almost always completely eradicated.
    Let’s say YES TO KINDNESS!!!

    • I wholeheartedly agree Emily, I deliberated over writing say YES to LOVE instead of NO to BULLYING but I felt it was necessary to use language that would get attention and help possibly lessen the distress of the people in the moment. I am part of the development of a public school here in NNSW (its a makeover really) that has been taking the emotionally intelligent/kindness awareness route and it DOES work to focus on love you are absolutely correct!! there are very few if ANY bullying incidents there!! so cool. Thankyou for your comment I truly appreciate it xx

      • I agree, it’s important people get both messages, and your approach is brilliant! Fantastic to hear about a local school having success with this too, well done 🙂 xx

      • I KNOW!! very exciting! and good luck with your book I FEEL it will be a great success regardless of which publishers runs with it x We ALL need to know that home is ACTUALLY where the heart is 🙂

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