Why does Violence happen and HOW do we change it?

P1070205I’m a mummy and my heart breaks.

I am saddened that other mummy’s and daddy’s and grandparents and brothers and sisters are hurting.

I dearly want to fix it for everyone.

Why do we lash out? We need to personalise the question… why are people dying all over the world in violence?

Do truly happy and aware people cause pain to others?

I think the answer to the last question is a resounding NO so the next question might be,

Why are we all searching for happiness so desperately? All the happiness and love quotes in social media are indicative of a kind of desperation a lacking of our inner contentment and happiness.


How do we bring happiness and awareness to MORE of us… HOW do we get happiness and awareness to evolve into a natural expectation for one’s life?

Somewhere in the busy ness and stimulation of our journey as a planet we have created a state of mind that doesn’t include happiness as a priority, and a direct result of this neglect is frustration/mental confusion and violence.

So simply, it is time to re-prioritise.

First step RENEGOTIATE our school curriculum to prioritise EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

Which is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage your emotions in positive and constructive ways.


It is about switching on or bringing synergy to both
hemispheres of the brain for clarity of mind and solution orientated thinking!


Emotional Intelligence is about recognizing your own emotional state, the emotional states of others and communicating with empathy and compassion.


Incorporating Emotional Intelligence Education into your home, classroom or community is


          E~ empathy, expression, excellence


          A~ awareness, acceptance, appreciation


          S~ self-esteem, success, sustainability


          Y~ your world, your tomorrow

SERIOUSLY it is time to consciously and actively direct the growth of our youth to reduce outbreaks of violent frustration such as the Newton tragedy and other horrendous moments in our life on Earth.





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