I AM the Boss of My Body Part TWO

IMG_0744In the second part of the workshop we are going to make up a feelings DANCE!
Instruct the children of the emotion they will be performing before you start the music.
Start with ‘we are now choosing to do a MAD Dance!’
Start the music- Everyone stomps around dancing and moving in a BIG ANGRY MAD WAY!!!

Really get into it. Say things like ‘OOOH, I FEEL SO MAD! Stomp stomp stomp!’ After a few minutes turn of the music and let everyone simmer down.
Take a few deep breaths and prepare for your SAD DANCE!
Follow with SCARED DANCE

And finally lets do a GLAD dance.
Allow the glad dance to go a little longer than the previous dances.
When the dances are over, discuss the feelings in the body.
Which feelings are the LOUDEST, BIGGEST, SMALLEST, SOFTEST?’ What feelings did the children enjoy dancing to the most?

Suggestion: If the children are older and motivated you can create a MAD SAD SCARED GLAD dance performance for the younger children in the school. Teaching what we learn about ourselves helps to lock into place the benefits, giving us a sense of purpose.


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