I AM The Boss of My Body Part One


P1060607It is important to teach kids that they have command of certain aspects of life.

A way to do this is through the body.

Learning that we can create movement and making the connection between thought and action plants the seed for ‘a thought = action’ potential in other areas of our lives.


In the below workshop we play with the idea of choice and movement.

By using the word ‘choice’ and ‘choose’ repetitively we plant the idea of command. Once a human feels the feeling of command it is easier to practice and to grow.

With a feeling concept of personal command we develop our emotional intelligence and naturally begin to respond more appropriately throughout our life.

In this workshop we will also also play with feeling detection and body awareness in order to bring the person back into their bodies even when negative experiences may have caused them to detach from their body early.


Everyday we move our body in different ways.
Discuss movement with questions like ‘Can anyone think of things that we do with our body?’
We walk, bend over, jump, hop, reach for things etc Life is like a dance we are doing all the time!
With enthusiastic teacher participation we are going to explore the way we choose to move our body.

Play with yoga poses. (see Pics)

Have lots of fun, be noisy and encourage breathing.
Encourage the FEELING of being a butterfly for example

P1060598 Ask questions throughout the practice like ‘Can you feel the feeling of being a powerful eagle?’
Instruct each pose with a sentence like, ‘now we CHOOSE to flap our legs like butterfly wings….

Even if it feels a little strange to use the word ‘choice’ it is an effective strategy to implant the concept that even our movements are choices we are constantly making!

Becoming conscious of our body command is a powerful step in regaining our autonomy!


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