Kids LOVE Animals

Our Puppy dog Rosa is in hospital!

A little tiny tick wriggled in and latched on to her fluffy yellow neck.

My kids were horrified, I was horrified too, not only at the state of Rosa but at the vet’s BILL!

When I told the children that Rosa was sick and we’d have to tighten our belts this Christmas,

every one of my children came at me with fistfuls of cash!

My 16 yr old said he’d give me his wages from the Pizza shop, my 13 yr old said she’d babysit for free the rest of the year,

my 23 yr old twins, tried to give me $200 INSTEAD OF PAYING THEIR ELECTRICITY BILL!

Three yr old Amora gave me her Dora purse (it was empty but hey it’s the thought that counts!).

They said they didn’t want Christmas presents, just Rosa.

(I’d already done the Chrissy shopping…. PHEWWWW!)

Which led me to thinking about our connection to our pets and the way they help us develop

our emotional intelligence and expand our loving hearts!

Animals are a natural source of joy and connection for humans.

We project our emotions easily upon them and we receive comfort from their presence,

I think we LEARN a lot about loving each other when we are allowed to

explore love and connection with animals.

Children are fascinated by animals; their sounds, their actions and the way they look.

Where there are animals there is imagination and potential friendship.

In the below workshop we use the animals to establish a bridge between

the conscious world of nature and our unconscious need to express ourselves.

As children explore their imagination through the concept of connection and creation,

they begin to see that their emotional world is actually at their command

Workshop Idea

Engage in a discussion about animals.

How many animals can we think of?

What are the children’s favourite animals? What strange things do animals do?

What does their favourite animal eat? What noises do animals make?

Can we make animal noises?

Everyone take turns making an animal noise. Can we guess which animal these noises come from? Make it a happy noisy game!

Discuss people noises.
People are lucky, we can make animal noises and people noises!
What can people do that animals cannot?
People laugh, cry, sing, talk, yell, dance…do any animals do these things…which ones?

Does anyone know an animal that can make laughing sounds? Kookaburra’s in Australia laugh!
Hyena’s make a laughing sound!
What makes us laugh?

Give the children time to brainstorm happiness.

Laughter can be generated in a number of ways.

Start a laughing session.

Pretend to giggle, pull a silly face, laugh a little louder, make a funny movement. Pull a straight face, followed by a smile, straight face, smiling face, grumpy face, big grin!

Work the kids into a laughing party!

Put on some Music and pretend to BE your favourite animal to music!

Grab some paints and paper and MAKE UP an animal! Make up the name of the animal, the sound it makes, decide what sort of environment it lives in and what it eats!

Let the imagination be FREE!

Have FUN!!


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