Don’t Forget YOU!

REALLY the BEST thing we can do for our children is LOVE OURSELVES!

My children have benefited more than they will ever know from my conscious decision to like myself a bit more…

Since I have gathered the guts to stand in front of the mirror, both physically and metaphorically, since I have been prepared to FEEL the feelings that came at me from in me, like bullets and pies, I have become a much nicer and infinitely more patient Mummy.

It seems that with self-evaluation and self-forgiveness, acceptance and love, comes a sense of ease which helps me be softer toward others, mainly my children.

Not only do they enjoy a kinder, more relaxed parenting style but they get a better example! I want my babies to love themselves, in fact I want them to ADORE themselves above all else and the only way I can properly teach this is to BE IT.

So give yourself a squeeze today, say something positive, create an affirmation that reminds you of your worth and beauty, do it for you and do it for your kids.

Picture by Monica Batiste


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