Teaching Kids HOW to think, can change this world

This is an excerpt from The I AM Program Text book: I AM Inspiration

Thoughts produce emotions; emotions lead to physical changes in the body. Consistent thoughts can and will alter your physical and mental state.

It isn’t new age mumbo jumbo to say ‘think positive’ it is imperative!

The best thing we can do for children is teach them early in life how to’ think correctly’.

Thinking correctly means understanding how the brain functions in respect to thought and emotion and then choosing to focus or not to focus on thoughts accordingly.

Reminding children of their ability to think correctly and therefore consciously choose the emotional direction of their lives needs to be seen as essential education.

The educator must be prepared to activate their own ‘correct thinking’ component in order to effectively teach this to children.

This may seem like a hard task when we are in the habit of thinking a certain way and it can be challenging to change. By the same token, we may as well look into it.

It will serve us to think in a more positive fashion whether we start now or later. One thing is for sure, we WON’T experience the difference if we don’t start at all!





Happy Brains Think Well!

Our Thought Environment

What we think about affects us physically and emotionally.

Through an uncontrolled environment of thought, we create the conditions for unhappiness and ultimately illness; in effect we can make ourselves sick!

Research shows that fear, all on its own, triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses and activates more than 30 different hormones.

Medical research increasingly points to the fact that consciously controlling our thought habits is essential to creating a healthy neural network.

If we choose to feel GOOD about our lives and see the best in the situations that we are exposed to, we direct energy toward building a positive neural structure and remove energy from the unhealthy neural patterns that we have previously developed. By doing this we make it all the easier to continue to choose healthy thought alternatives.

Teaching Children how the brain works will make learning so much more interesting and bring about fulfilling experience and results!



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