Teaching Kids To Shine That LIGHT!

It would be an ideal world if all human behaviour was loving, respectful and supportive at all times. But the playground is the same as real life and children are exposed to a variety of experiences.

If children are taught to stand up for themselves, to treat others with respect and to be resilient, life as an adult can be joyous and successful.

Protecting children is of paramount importance, but teaching children to protect themselves, assert their rights and to have an innate sense of who they are, is a life-long gift.

Bullying/violence have been an accepted part of society for the measure of history but that doesn’t make it right OR natural. If anything it is through the less evolved intellect of a millennia ago becoming habitual behaviour and it’s high time for change!

Understanding bullies and victims needs can help change this pattern of behaviour.

Taking all opportunities for connection and communication with children is an awesome start.

Showing children that we LOVE OURSELVES and that we are willing to listen to others without hostility and conflict will encourage children to do the same.

Accepting differences and learning to smile more will switch on the inner light which will in turn show kids how to switch on theirs.

Build Emotional Intelligence wherever you can, as it is the key to success in school, career, personal relationships and health!


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