Plant the Seed for Tolerance!


Humans have a wonderful capacity for thought and opinion; we have free will and extraordinary power to exercise it.

Free will comes with responsibility and as parents and educators our responsibility is to modify reactions to that which we see and hear and learn to respond with tolerance and emotional intelligence.

It is extremely important to teach children that it is OK to disagree with each other.

Kids need to know it is not the end of the world if someone has a different opinion that we should ALL free to be who we are and have our own take on the world.

This creates a safety of expression in kids; it teaches them they can say ‘NO’ if they need to, without negative consequences, especially if they can tell someone else wants them to say ‘Yes’. We need this skill to navigate life in safety.

When we are hostile toward another simply because they say something we don’t approve of we are teaching our children that free thought is dangerous.

 Having fear of self-expression can put a child in a weak position if their safety depends on them saying ‘NO’ confidently and walking away.

 Allowing and even encouraging others to have their own opinion is a sign of an evolved mind.

 BEING KIND even when we don’t agree is definitely one step closer to a tolerant and peaceful world.

 Children are our future leaders let us teach them well!


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