Super Hero or Serial Killer?

My 16 yr old son Max (left) deeply believes in equality and justice for all and sometimes I wonder if this passion stems from a situation of heroism that occurred when he was just 22 months old.

His newborn brother was sleeping in a baby hammock that was unlocked and able to swing freely. Max who had quite normal feelings of jealousy was helping by ‘gently’ swinging the baby back and forth when suddenly he pushed TOO hard and the whole thing began to tip. As it fell, Max reached out and grabbed the baby, holding him in his hammock as the contraption hit the ground.

Now even though he was the one who caused the accident, we were SO grateful he had caught his brother that no-one mentioned the ‘naughty’ behaviour and instead went over the top with praise and acknowledgement for his heroic and instant reflex to save the baby.

His Grandmother even made up a song about him as a superhero that she sang every  (arghhh) time she saw with him for YEARS after!

The ultimate programming!

The intense emotional feelings at the time mixed with the positive acknowledgement, I believe, served to cause a quick surge of brain growth in Max resulting in a memory tree or an established  neural cluster that supports heroism. Maybe his passion for equality, justice and the like is a result of that…?

I don’t know but it is interesting to contemplate the effect our words and behaviour have on our children and that OUR choices and reactions whether they are conscious or unconscious may determine whether our child becomes a SUPER HERO or Serial killer!


7 thoughts on “Super Hero or Serial Killer?

  1. So true! It kind of runs in the same viens as people becoming good at something just because they are constantly told that they are good at it. Imagine those who are constantly told they are no good, stupid or “bad”. It really puts things in perspective….

  2. That was a good story about Max. You show how it could have gone either way but you focused on the positive that added a great ending. Very nice. I wonder if Max gets along with his sibling now?

  3. This is a very touching story. And you are right about the fact that ‘our choices, actions aand reactions’ decide whether our children will be heroes or serial killers. But I also believe that there are times, where no matter what you do, your kids don’t come out right (or wrong if you made lousy parenting decisions). Call it environmental factors or predisposition or whatever, but even though we control 75%, there is still that 25% that falls our completely out of our hands.

    • yes there is definitely the unaccountable!! There is still soooo much we haven’t discovered or remembered yet regarding the psychological emotional spiritual state! quite an interesting journey really… I know some of the most beautiful people that have come from the worst background and vice verce… it seems no matter what the environment, the child/person eventually chooses their own destiny…whether consciously or not. ahhh life

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