Life is a series of changes, transitions and surprises!

Every moment is new and brings fresh energy to every situation.

When we realize this we can begin to synchronize with the ebb and flow of energy and allow changes to occur without fighting them.

Doing this is like switching on the intuition or internal guidance system.

The more we resist change in fear or ignorance the harder it is to hear our all-important inner voice.

Gaining an awareness of the way nature works  helps us build appreciation for our Earth journey.

We can begin to see that WE are in fact LIFE and therefore quite fascinating to behold.

Having an understanding of the simplicity and inevitability of change allows us to release resistance to it, becoming open and receptive to opportunities that may present themselves.

Make posters, paintings, mobiles and collages of butterfly’s with you child or classroom!

Discuss a Butterfly’s lifecycle and don’t be afraid to talk about how life is full of changes for us too, we, are always growing physically and emotionally.

Change is fascinating, our feelings change all the time and we can learn to help them change from sad to happy, from angry to calm, if we take notice and become aware of ourselves.

I AM A Butterfly!

For workshops and resources please go to The I AM Program



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