A Child’s Curiosity

Learning is a constant thing and every moment is another opportunity to introduce the world to your child.

In fact, left to their own devices, if we are quiet and interested enough, our child can re-introduce the world to US!

One of the things I have noticed in rearing my little flock of beautiful birdies, is that allowing them to explore the world and even touch things that might be considered yukky  has been very effective in creating an intimate connection with their environment.

A daily dose of fascination helps to bring a deeper degree of respect for the world, after all, how can we consciously choose to mess up or hurt something so amazing….

A half an hour walk along the beach today with my chicky offered up a plethora of universal craziness!

And the feeling as we drove home was one of deep satisfaction, that we had come eye to eye with some of the worlds most unique creations!

Little Chicky learned a LOT and showed me so much.

Next time you’re out on the sand, open your heart to the absolute AWESOMENESS  and magnificence of this Earth…

These little shells and pebbles have travelled thousands of miles and a millennia just to be with you.


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