Letting Your Inner LEADER Out!

I went walking with my three year old yesterday and asked her to lead me, she was surprised and excited.

We went on a merry walk around the house and up the hill and down the road!

I could see the confidence growing and the ideas formulating in her mind. She announced a ‘pine cone collection’, a ‘colourful leaf  collection’, of course I was the donkey that got to carry everything home!

It was worth being the packhorse to see the look of achievement on her beautiful face!

When we know ourselves and listen to ourselves we find we ALL get an opportunity to take the lead in some way or another.

Leadership moments feel GOOD and build self-esteem.

If you are out walking with your child, give them the opportunity to lead the way, it brings that little bit of the unexpected

into the normal routines AND grows a sense of capability and confidence!

These children are our future leaders so let us teach them well!


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