Community Collage

Emotional Intelligence workshop for 3-5yrs

Interactive activity creating a collage from photos, prints and natural habitat to explore our relationship with others and our place in the community

Intelligences addressed- spatial, interpersonal, naturalist, emotional and visual

Values addressed- unity, tolerance, creativity, friendliness, kindness, idealism, love, connection

Please Note– Parents; although workshops have been written for the classroom initially, All workshops may be adapted to your personal needs, at home with your child or children. The I AM Program see’s the parent as number one educator in their child’s life!


Unity can be achieved when the individual loves themselves

 ‘I AM ME, you are YOU and together we are WE.’

High self-esteem starts with a solid view of the self, an unshakeable love of self and enthusiasm to be in our body with the adventure of life rolling out before us.

Life as we know it is usually polka dotted with primary relationships; immediate family, closest friends, partners and our spirituality. And secondary relationships; friendships, acquaintances, work colleagues and strangers. There are also relationships with animals, plants, the work we do and the places we go.

Relationship- A connection with somebody or something

HOW we relate to others is important. When we like ourselves and are comfortable in the company of others we can choose healthy relationships.

When we understand our place in the world, and how it FEELS to be US, we are happy to be here because we can respond appropriately to external circumstance.

Understanding how it feels to be me helps me to stay SAFE in the world

The COMMUNITY COLLAGE is an enjoyable ‘togetherness’ workshop

What you will need

Pens, pencils, paints, brushes, glue, coloured card A4 size, large roll of paper,

Things collected on short nature stroll

Optional – Digital camera

Suggested time frame- 1 hour


Enjoy an age appropriate discussion about community, how we are all part of the school community and the town community and the country and the world and the universe!

Talk about how important we each are to our community.

Take turns talking about the people who care about us, our pets, our house, the things and other people in our community.

Use the analogy of one person being a drop of water and how we need every drop to make an ocean. ONE DROP of water is as important as the next.

Everyone is important and we are here to make the world a more positive place.

Next go outside, stop and feel the air in our world. Feel the sun shini

ng down. Take deep breaths and go for a short stroll around the playground or yard, picking up things from the ground, leaves, grasses, flowers, feathers, anything that makes up the community environment and anything we can put in to our classroom collage.

Art Activity:

In the classroom hand out a piece of coloured card to each child and ask them to draw a happy picture of someone important in their community or life.

The rest of the lesson is spent decorating their card with the things they picked up leaves, blades of grass, flowers, feathers etc. If there was a shortage of habitat encourage the children to draw things from their environment and community on their card.

Next spread out our large piece of paper, be sure to leave a thick margin around the edges of the paper, a pencilled boundary is a good idea.

Begin sticking our coloured cards all over it. If we have anything from our nature stroll left over we stick them on and make our collage look beautiful.

It is important to connect all the coloured papers to each other in some way.

         Ask children to draw branches and vines throughout the collage connecting everything or make it into a spider web by drawing the silk strands lightly over the top of the collage or turn it into an under the sea world with little fish and sea weeds growing throughout the collage. Use you imaginations it is symbolic of the connection we have to each other.

In the spaces draw the people, pets and things that make your community special.

For a special component of this module; each child paints directly on to their hand with the colour/colours of their choice and prints it in the margin of the collage.

We have completed, with joy, a detailed portrait of togetherness.

Hands can symbolise the ability for the whole world to link up and find peace

Remember many hands make light work but there is not one other person on this earth that has the same handprint as YOU!


2 thoughts on “Community Collage

  1. Honestly, it is just such a joy to read your posts. I’m going to go and actually get some of your workshops today. Thank you, thank you and for all the children in the world, thank you.

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