Kids LOVE Animals

Our Puppy dog Rosa is in hospital!

A little tiny tick wriggled in and latched on to her fluffy yellow neck.

My kids were horrified, I was horrified too, not only at the state of Rosa but at the vet’s BILL!

When I told the children that Rosa was sick and we’d have to tighten our belts this Christmas,

every one of my children came at me with fistfuls of cash!

My 16 yr old said he’d give me his wages from the Pizza shop, my 13 yr old said she’d babysit for free the rest of the year,

my 23 yr old twins, tried to give me $200 INSTEAD OF PAYING THEIR ELECTRICITY BILL!

Three yr old Amora gave me her Dora purse (it was empty but hey it’s the thought that counts!).

They said they didn’t want Christmas presents, just Rosa.

(I’d already done the Chrissy shopping…. PHEWWWW!)

Which led me to thinking about our connection to our pets and the way they help us develop

our emotional intelligence and expand our loving hearts!

Animals are a natural source of joy and connection for humans.

We project our emotions easily upon them and we receive comfort from their presence,

I think we LEARN a lot about loving each other when we are allowed to

explore love and connection with animals.

Children are fascinated by animals; their sounds, their actions and the way they look.

Where there are animals there is imagination and potential friendship.

In the below workshop we use the animals to establish a bridge between

the conscious world of nature and our unconscious need to express ourselves.

As children explore their imagination through the concept of connection and creation,

they begin to see that their emotional world is actually at their command

Workshop Idea

Engage in a discussion about animals.

How many animals can we think of?

What are the children’s favourite animals? What strange things do animals do?

What does their favourite animal eat? What noises do animals make?

Can we make animal noises?

Everyone take turns making an animal noise. Can we guess which animal these noises come from? Make it a happy noisy game!

Discuss people noises.
People are lucky, we can make animal noises and people noises!
What can people do that animals cannot?
People laugh, cry, sing, talk, yell, dance…do any animals do these things…which ones?

Does anyone know an animal that can make laughing sounds? Kookaburra’s in Australia laugh!
Hyena’s make a laughing sound!
What makes us laugh?

Give the children time to brainstorm happiness.

Laughter can be generated in a number of ways.

Start a laughing session.

Pretend to giggle, pull a silly face, laugh a little louder, make a funny movement. Pull a straight face, followed by a smile, straight face, smiling face, grumpy face, big grin!

Work the kids into a laughing party!

Put on some Music and pretend to BE your favourite animal to music!

Grab some paints and paper and MAKE UP an animal! Make up the name of the animal, the sound it makes, decide what sort of environment it lives in and what it eats!

Let the imagination be FREE!

Have FUN!!



My little boy sings and dances to the words ‘I AM STRONG’.

He repeats the affirmation often!

With my knowledge of how the brain grows neural pathways according to our focus, determination , emotions and belief, I am pleased to hear him

shouting such things to the universe!

However, I had a tiny fear that he might want to grow up too quickly until yesterday when I said,

‘you are so big and strong’ and he replied ‘NO mum I am small and strong!’

He is so small and strong my heart nearly bursts with


Emotional Intelligence ~ A BIG YES!

Emotionally intelligent people are switched on, responsible, aware and divergent thinkers. Solutions to global issues are inspired, prolific and forthcoming when the mind and heart are ON and OPEN. By conditioning our children to think positively and with a high view of their capabilities, we are in fact creating a generation of heart directed geniuses!

By delving into emotional awareness/intelligence either at home with your children, in the classroom or community you will be contributing to positive, generational change.

The more awareness and emotional intelligence growth in our world now, the brighter and more sustainable our future will be.

Now is the time to reveal to children the power that lives within them and reap the reward; a future uplifted by emotionally intelligent leaders and a world awash with compassion, innovation, empathy and love.

Don’t Forget YOU!

REALLY the BEST thing we can do for our children is LOVE OURSELVES!

My children have benefited more than they will ever know from my conscious decision to like myself a bit more…

Since I have gathered the guts to stand in front of the mirror, both physically and metaphorically, since I have been prepared to FEEL the feelings that came at me from in me, like bullets and pies, I have become a much nicer and infinitely more patient Mummy.

It seems that with self-evaluation and self-forgiveness, acceptance and love, comes a sense of ease which helps me be softer toward others, mainly my children.

Not only do they enjoy a kinder, more relaxed parenting style but they get a better example! I want my babies to love themselves, in fact I want them to ADORE themselves above all else and the only way I can properly teach this is to BE IT.

So give yourself a squeeze today, say something positive, create an affirmation that reminds you of your worth and beauty, do it for you and do it for your kids.

Picture by Monica Batiste

Teaching Kids HOW to think, can change this world

This is an excerpt from The I AM Program Text book: I AM Inspiration

Thoughts produce emotions; emotions lead to physical changes in the body. Consistent thoughts can and will alter your physical and mental state.

It isn’t new age mumbo jumbo to say ‘think positive’ it is imperative!

The best thing we can do for children is teach them early in life how to’ think correctly’.

Thinking correctly means understanding how the brain functions in respect to thought and emotion and then choosing to focus or not to focus on thoughts accordingly.

Reminding children of their ability to think correctly and therefore consciously choose the emotional direction of their lives needs to be seen as essential education.

The educator must be prepared to activate their own ‘correct thinking’ component in order to effectively teach this to children.

This may seem like a hard task when we are in the habit of thinking a certain way and it can be challenging to change. By the same token, we may as well look into it.

It will serve us to think in a more positive fashion whether we start now or later. One thing is for sure, we WON’T experience the difference if we don’t start at all!





Happy Brains Think Well!

Our Thought Environment

What we think about affects us physically and emotionally.

Through an uncontrolled environment of thought, we create the conditions for unhappiness and ultimately illness; in effect we can make ourselves sick!

Research shows that fear, all on its own, triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses and activates more than 30 different hormones.

Medical research increasingly points to the fact that consciously controlling our thought habits is essential to creating a healthy neural network.

If we choose to feel GOOD about our lives and see the best in the situations that we are exposed to, we direct energy toward building a positive neural structure and remove energy from the unhealthy neural patterns that we have previously developed. By doing this we make it all the easier to continue to choose healthy thought alternatives.

Teaching Children how the brain works will make learning so much more interesting and bring about fulfilling experience and results!


Teaching Kids To Shine That LIGHT!

It would be an ideal world if all human behaviour was loving, respectful and supportive at all times. But the playground is the same as real life and children are exposed to a variety of experiences.

If children are taught to stand up for themselves, to treat others with respect and to be resilient, life as an adult can be joyous and successful.

Protecting children is of paramount importance, but teaching children to protect themselves, assert their rights and to have an innate sense of who they are, is a life-long gift.

Bullying/violence have been an accepted part of society for the measure of history but that doesn’t make it right OR natural. If anything it is through the less evolved intellect of a millennia ago becoming habitual behaviour and it’s high time for change!

Understanding bullies and victims needs can help change this pattern of behaviour.

Taking all opportunities for connection and communication with children is an awesome start.

Showing children that we LOVE OURSELVES and that we are willing to listen to others without hostility and conflict will encourage children to do the same.

Accepting differences and learning to smile more will switch on the inner light which will in turn show kids how to switch on theirs.

Build Emotional Intelligence wherever you can, as it is the key to success in school, career, personal relationships and health!

Inspiration! Feel it, Know it, BE IT!

I would LOVE to introduce to you The I AM Program’s Personal Development course!

It is FREE to download and enjoy! (It is a rewarding AND FUN Journey!)

Designed to bring out the best in our parenting and educating with the added value of providing the opportunity to bring emotional intelligence education to other members of our community.

The I AM Program is about releasing old values/conditioning moment by moment and replacing this with consciously chosen preferences.

By learning to love ourselves, realising our connection to all that is and having the fearless freedom to express ourselves, we begin to respond to life circumstances rather than to simply react.

As an educator the most effective mode of teaching is one in which we are humbly aware of our individuality at the same time acknowledging the deep physiological and universal connection with each other.

My wish is for as many parents/educators to enjoy the benefits of The I AM Inspiration Certified, Online Instructors course regardless of whether you choose to pay for certification

The methods in this program have improved my parenting and my general wellbeing more than I can say, I want that for YOU too. 

I AM Inspiration is about accessing the aspect of yourself that is INSPIRATIONAL, the piece of you that others will naturally aspire to.

When teaching The I AM Program workshops you are in an awesome position. 

You are here to remind people of who they really are, ultimately creative, undeniably powerful, self-actualised beings.

Developing our emotional intelligence is another way of saying ‘activating our intrinsic memory of oneness and joy’. When generally happy we do it moment by moment with ease and grace. When lost, stuck, frustrated or sad, however, we need a little help and that is where the I AM Educator plays an invaluable role!

The workshops are designed to trigger self-awareness, to re-configure the brain to a place of positive self-expression. 

Go to The I AM Program and download the course for FREE no obligation, you don’t even have to subscribe to get it … grab it use it, enjoy with a friend. pass it on to others!


Emotional Intelligence education NOW for a Bright and sustainable  future for ALL!