Children Think We Are AMAZING!

As parents and adults we are in a position of great power.

The children of the world are watching us, we are conditioning them to be like us.

The best thing we can do with this knowledge is learn to LOVE and respect ourselves!

As we raise our own emotional intelligence and self-esteem the children around us are naturally gifted with the opportunity to live their best lives.

HOW? How do we learn to love ourselves? WHAT even IS ‘loving the self’?

It all starts in this moment… with the present, with coming back into NOW, into the body and being prepared to CONSCIOUSLY live.

Loving the self is really about getting to know ourselves, listening to our mind chatter and making amends with ourselves. We need to forgive ourselves the hard time we have given ourselves all these years and begin to think BETTER thoughts.

  • look into the mirror everyday and say something NICE
  • breathe deeply and consciously
  • change our eating habits, feed ourselves with fresh nutrient rich foods.
  • really appreciate this opportunity to be on the Earth

We are here  now, we might as well make the best of it!

When we light up our strand in this wonderful worldly web, our children will learn to light up theirs and THAT is how we bring positivity to our future.


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