Beautiful Humility -Teaching It To Kids

Humility is a wonderful value to teach our children.

Being humble does NOT mean being unconfident, it means you are thankful to others, you give credit where it is due, you are secure enough in yourself that you are happy to re-direct praise to another.

Being humble means you can walk away from conflict without needing to be ‘right’, you have the freedom to be happy instead.

We teach Humility to our children by being humble. Humility can lie in simply apologising for over-reacting or being ‘out of line’.

Next time you find stress levels rising with your child, make the choice to stop. You are the adult and this is your opportunity to teach, SO, take a deep breath, summon a smile (this will help on a hormonal level) and say ‘It’s okay honey, you are probably right (even if you think they are not) let’s take a break and discuss it when we are calmer’, ruffle their hair or touch their nose (sounds strange but it works) and leave the argument. Get yourself a glass of water and try to see it from their point of view. Often all children need is acknowledgement, is there someway you can acknowledge them? Are you able to appreciate their idea or allow a healthy compromise?

If you need help with a troubling situation drop me a line at and we can try and figure out a workable approach.

Children are our future leaders, let us teach them well!



5 thoughts on “Beautiful Humility -Teaching It To Kids

  1. If each child was born with a list of instructions on how to properly raise them based on their personalities and other traits, life would be so much easier. But all we have are our own experiences and those shared by other parents, and most importantly, we have the capacity to love. If we can show and share unconditional love with and to our children. the other stuff will be much easier to teach. And I agree that humility is something that we must teach our children; there’s nothing more beautiful and loving that a child who expresses humility.

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