Word Power Part B Emotional Intelligence workshop 3-5 yrs

Word Power Workshop

Part Two

Today is about recognising positive qualities in ourselves

A discussion about our positive qualities is appropriate here.

Encourage the children to say nice things about themselves, teacher/parent participation works wonders for enthusiasm levels!

        ‘My name is Sally and I love my soft brown hair

        ‘I am Daisy and I am Happy’

        ‘I am DJ and I feel good!’

        ‘I am Daniel and I am strong’

        ‘I am Zac and I love my mum’


Even the smallest positive thought counts.

Give each child a few pieces of paper and ask them to make happy, positive, joyful drawings of themselves and the good things in their lives; who they are, what they love.

Gather all the children into a circle, ask them to close their eyes and take three deep breaths and smile.

Ask the children to hand in their ‘positive quality’ drawings to the teacher.

We are going to make a book!

Together think of a good title for your book, WE LOVE US or We Are WONDERFUL etc…!

Design a cover page.

Staple together and bind with tape if possible.

What a wonderful book for the school, home or centre to be proud of, when the children look through it they will be filled with good feelings!

Good Feelings Generate Good Feelings

The I AM Program recommend using recycled materials, paper and objects wherever possible in the name of an eco-friendly existence!



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