Word Power, Part A- Emotional Intelligence Workshop for 3-5yrs

Emotional Intelligence Workshop for 3-5 yrs

The I AM Program Copyright 2011



Understanding the power of words and intentions

This workshop focuses on teaching children to understand the power of words and initiates the thought that it is our personal responsibility to choose and use words with care. Through experimenting with the emotions that come with words we bring awareness to our ‘emotional energy detection’ abilities and develop our emotional intelligence for future interactions and life direction.

Values: respect, moderation, integrity, care, empathy, confidence

Intelligences: linguistic, kinesthetic, emotional, intrapersonal and interpersonal

Note For Parents- although workshops have been written for the classroom initially, ALL workshops may be adapted to your personal needs, at home with your child or children. The I AM Program see’s the parent as number one educator in their child’s life!


Human beings are a vocal species; we use words and sound to navigate our world. But it is not simply the words that are effective, the intention behind the words we choose to use is also something we need to understand in order to live with integrity.

We hear words and we see the movements of the face and body that accompanies our speech but as well as this, within every human is an emotional energy detector, some call this the inner voice or intuition!

Words have a superficial meaning and we are able to make a judgement based on the word used, for example- ‘Hate’ has a meaning that we understand as negative, but it is very much the energy we have agreed upon and attached to the word that elicits the emotional response.

When we speak a word with the intention to harm a human’s energy detector will register that word as harmful. On the other hand if we say a word with the intention to question or make an unemotional statement, the human energy detector will register the difference.

Our energy detector or intuition is always switched on but it takes self-awareness and the ability to calm the mind to turn the volume up so that we can detect and react appropriately to words that come our way.

Turning our energy detectors volume UP can be done with practice!

Practicing listening to the feelings in our bodies, taking time out to feel the emotions that pop up in when we interact with others helps us to become more aware.

Awareness of our emotions helps to keep us safe in the world. We can listen to our body’s emotional response to things and act accordingly. If we get a feeling of anger, we can take a deep breath and walk away, for example. If we feel loving we might respond by expressing ourselves with a smile. If we feel a scared feeling we might know to follow that feeling and find a safer place to be.

We can become so good at listening to ourselves that we will almost seem to read the future at times. Like when our inner feelings voice, our energy detector, senses something is up and we find ourselves deciding to move away, only to watch a branch fall from the tree onto the very place we were standing just a moment ago!

Human beings are extremely powerful creatures with brains that develop with speed and accuracy according to our choice of focus.

Playing with words and the feelings associated with words, will start us on the journey of finetuning our emotional energy detectors!

Caution- Educator/carer needs to be alert to moments in which children exhibit lack of emotional intelligence within the I AM Program workshops, reminding all children before commencing that we are creating a safe place where we are all allowed to express ourselves freely. Everyone has feelings and everyone deserves respect. Ask children to find the best, most loving parts of themselves when in this safe place so that everyone can have an awesome time. Suggestion: a few big, deep breaths and affirming of their greatness.

Ask children to repeat- I AM Wonderful (or alternative appropriate word…Loving, positive, calm etc) 3 times, (I prefer loud, louder, loudest technique,, great for releasing energy and re-setting attention)


3-5 yrs

Painting Words

Suggested time frame: Part A, half hour, Part B 1 hour

What you will need

A4 paper pens, pencils, crayons, stapler, paint, brushes and large paper

Workshop Part A

The first part of this workshop is especially appropriate for the very little children.

Do not expect them to verbally understand or even respond exactly to your words but KNOW that you are introducing the energy and intention of emotional intelligence development to their fast growing minds!

Choose a painting area in which mess doesn’t matter. Set out paper for the children, either separately if they are old enough to understand ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ or large communal paper or card.

From the below list choose a word and perform! Sing the word, act out the word out as you and the children use your hands and fingers to make abstract painting!

As you can see the ratio of positive words to negative words is higher in the list this is simply to ensure that the children are exposed to positivity in a higher dose!









All emotions are valid and ultimately we are learning NOT to be afraid of sad or angry feelings as they can be changed with focus and command.

We are at the beginning stages of introducing emotion as separate from who the children are.

In this way they can view and choose their feelings more easily when necessary.

It is when we identify with our emotions as WHO WE ARE that we come into difficulty.

Emotional intelligence is about perceiving emotions correctly in self and others, recognising and discriminating between emotions, using emotions to rationalise and make decisions and expressing emotions appropriately.

Go through as many words as you feel inspired to play with and when you are finished take PHOTOS not just of the finished artwork but also of the beautiful, messy and awesome children!

Suggestion– Print off pictures staple together, write words here and there, near pics that seem to match and make a feeling word book for the children to take home!







4 thoughts on “Word Power, Part A- Emotional Intelligence Workshop for 3-5yrs

    • I KNOW!! this is exactly why I am such an advocate for it! Don’t have to wait till your twenties to go on the Who AM I? journey!!

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