Forgiveness Workshop 8 for Parents- ACTIVITY ONE from ‘I AM Loving My Heart’

Goal- To heal the heart, re-establish connection with each other and potentially take the relationship to a new level. Evolving spiritually and emotionally.

Time frame– 20 minutes each activity

Note– If you do not have a willing partner, still enjoy these exercises on you own. Your child will benefit.

What you will need– pen, paper, mirror, massage oil/ lavender in almond oil as a suggestion


Although our children come into this life with their own agenda, personality, and lessons to learn, they’re affected by us to an enormous degree. Our children watch us closely for our responses to things and learn how to negotiate their world through acute observation.

The best gift we can give our children is an open evolving heart! The more dedicated we are to growing personally to releasing old patterns and establishing love as the central force in our lives the more our kids will benefit.

Children adopt our modus operandi quite specifically. For example, a child will love themselves if they see their primary caregiver loving themselves. A child will learn to love a child by observing the way you, as the parent, loves him or her. If you care for your child but have negative loving thought about yourself, the child will have difficulty in thinking positively about themselves.

We teach what we are. This can come as a harsh reality for some, especially those who are aware of their own self-loathing and lack of self-esteem. But there is no need or use for guilt, we can start right away to repair our mind and point ourselves and our children in a positive, fulfilling direction.

The following workshop consists of three exercises designed to be done either separately or together THIS is part one



Activity ONE

I LOVE ME – a forgiveness activity
For this exercise you will need a mirror.

This is such a simple exercise as to be misleading.

Participating in this exercise by yourself can evoke a feeling of discomfort and a sense of the ridiculous but when doing it together the feeling that arises can be almost unbearable.

But freeing yourself in front of your partner is like having a witness at your wedding and lends credence to your words and commitment.

The more discomfort you feel the more reason to brave it and clear your system of the old ideas that serve as your resistance and blockages to self-love.

To love the self is difficult in a world where such high expectation is placed on the self to achieve. Whether it be achievement in the world of finance, body image, parenting or the more nebulous, psychological achievements such as making your own parents proud etc the investment in self seems high risk.

Stand in front of the mirror (naked is more confronting but also yields high results) together. And simply stare at yourself, really look, allow your feelings to be there, notice your thoughts. Don’t try and hide from yourself, breathe in deeply together to the count of six….then exhale also to the count of six.

Keep looking at yourself, if you feel a nervous tension in your body, breathe into it and relax your stomach and bottom.

Now stare into your eyes, note the colours and flecks in your iris.

Take turns to say out loud ‘I LOVE YOU’.

If this feels weird and you want to laugh let yourself do that. If you feel angry or loathsome, acknowledge these feelings by saying ‘even though I feel angry, and I hate the way I look, I love and accept myself and forgive myself completely.’

Repeat this phrase three times whilst tapping on and around your collar bone; there are tapping points/pressure points there which will help clear your energy system to set you up for a new attitude. See EFT

Keep repeating ‘I love you’ and the forgiveness phrase until the discomfort goes and it feels a little more normal.

If you feel brave you can focus in on certain parts of your body and soften yourself to them. Stare at them and feel the feelings that arise, then begin the process ‘ I love you thighs.’ ‘ Even though I hate my dimply thighs…I love and accept my self and I forgive myself completely.’ Say it until you find yourself accepting your thighs. Believe it or not people have reported to see their bodies in a completely different way after completing this exercise!

This exercise can be enjoyed over and over again, on a daily basis for best results.

Clearing our psyche of sabotaging concepts and finding love for ourselves as though we are meeting someone new and wonderful is an awesome step toward finding forgiveness for self and others in all areas of our lives.

By taking action to evoke a sense of love and self-esteem we open and heal our hearts.

Judgement is a debilitating dis-ease. Loving the self is FREEDOM.


4 thoughts on “Forgiveness Workshop 8 for Parents- ACTIVITY ONE from ‘I AM Loving My Heart’

  1. I have done this with someone standing by, forcing me to observe and forgive myself. I have done it alone, allowing myself time to fully observe, and that has been great also. But the first time was definitely the hardest. Definitely.

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