The Giving Heart – Workshop 7 from the ‘I AM Loving My Heart’ Program

Goal– We develop strength and purpose through opening our heart and mind to the creative art of GIVING.

Time frame– 1 hr plus time taken to deliver our gifts

What you will need- coloured card A5 (you can always cut to size if your card is bigger than suggested), coloured pens/pencils, paper and pen for taking notes


Brainstorm positive words, write them all down ready to use in the next part of todays activity

For example- Awesome Wonderful Happy Special Kind Loving Friendly Beautiful Gorgeous Worth it Perfect Amazing etc

Now fold your card in half to make a homemade gift card.

On the outside cover decorate in a simple symbol of love; a heart or a sun, flower or a star…whatever you can think of it’s your choice!

Once you have a pile of beautiful decorated cards it is time to write your message inside.

Inside each card pop a little message of love.


Make it simple but meaningful!

When you are done decide who will receive your gift.

Remaining anonymous is important as it takes any obligation to thank you away and lets the recipient receive the intention with no strings attached.

Suggestions: Letterbox drop (make sure children are always accompanied by responsible adults)

Nursing home –Talk to the person in charge about including the cards on the breakfast trays of their clients

If you have the funds, get envelopes and stamps and send to random addresses from the phone book.


2 thoughts on “The Giving Heart – Workshop 7 from the ‘I AM Loving My Heart’ Program

    • WEll do it! Why not organise a group of you and include your co-worker then you can all have fun and the focus doesn’t have to be on the co-worker alone! if you do I’d love to know how it went xxx

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