Painting My Heart – Part 6 of the Loving My Heart Program

Painting My Heart

Goal– Expressing our intent for opening and healing the heart through painting and creating a collage reminding us of our connection to others. We also learn a breathing technique to consciously draw out negative associations we may have developed about ourselves and replace those sad feelings with more positive ones of joy and love.

Time frame– 1 hr

What you will need– large paper As large as possible even poster sized cartridge of butchers paper, can use recycled newspaper, a pile of a4 paper, coloured pens/pencils, paints brushes, glue or sticky tape, scissors

Suggestion– buy an art journal and spend a few minutes each morning writing and drawing our feelings, setting the intention for a positive open hearted, miraculous day.


Sometimes it is necessary to actively release the build up of stress in our lives. Stress can accumulate in our body in the form of tension and dis-ease. One way to release tension and regain a sense of wellbeing and physical health is to bring our attention to the part of our body that we wish to heal.

It is important to remember that the brain is a powerful tool that doesn’t differentiate between ‘reality’ and imagination. Couple this with the fact that we grow neurons in our brain according to what we think about and focus upon, we can see the potential for influence we have on our physical health.

Expressing ourselves creatively helps move the energy in our body, clearing away old ideas that tend to block us up, opening up channels for healthy chi flow.


Talk about the way humans are connected to each other and how we can actually feel the energy of connection when we interact with each other.

When someone says something loving and kind to us we feel happy and secure. But when someone says or does something unkind we can feel that as pain or sadness in our body.

When someone says something unkind to you where do you feel it in your body? Take turns in imagining the feeling and point to the place in the body where you might feel this feeling.

What colour might that feeling be?

Imagine that when you take a big breath in and then exhale, all those sad feelings come out of your body leaving you clear and healthy.

Feelings are just feelings they are not who we are. We are much more powerful than a feeling, we are the boss of our feelings and once we notice they are there, it is not too difficult to encourage them to change. We never need to be stuck with a feeling we don’t enjoy for long, we can make a choice to acknowledge the feeling then release it through deep breathing and then by focusing on thoughts that make us feel happy!

Now imagine someone saying something kind and loving to us. Point to where we feel it in our body. What does it feel like? What colour would it be if you could see it?

Imagine you can make this feeling even bigger and more beautiful by breathing into the happy space in your body. Watch the good feeling grow bigger as you breathe and spill into the rest of your body!


Now it is time to get out the paints and paper.

First we are going to paint a picture of a BIG heart together spend some time colouring it and adding happy words and emotions to your collaboration. Make it as big as your paper allows. Create the most beautiful expressive painting you can. Use your imagination, add glitter and stickers, cut up magazines for positive pictures! Enjoy creating a visionary poster of a wonderful healthy life.

When you are done, leave the painting to dry, preferably in the sun for quicker results.

Now it is time to think about the people who mean LOVE to you, the important ones, you carry in your heart at all times.

Take your a4 paper and draw pictures of each of these special people. These pictures can be small but make them easy to cut out!

When you have your set of loved ones all drawn and cut out, grab the glue and place them carefully and with respect onto your huge heart poster!

This is a beautiful reminder of the wonderful things in your life. A reminder like this helps us to appreciate our connection to those around us.

Take a photo! Send it to and we will post it on the website. This way your creativity will be helping others see how easy it is to bring happiness and love into the heart!


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