Heart Music Part 5 of the ‘Loving My Heart’ Program

Goal– Introducing and using music to connect with, heal and open the heart.

Time frame– Half an hour

What you will need– music selection, see list, music player


Music inhabits the world around us, from birdsong in the early morning to the crunching of gravel under our feet when we walk.

Music is the sound of life and inherent within each of us is our personal rhythm. In our cellular structure lies our individual song.

Some have called this the heart-song; because the emotion generated as we flow to the rhythm of our lives fulfils us and helps us respond to circumstance with reflection and joy.

This workshop is about letting go of our inhibitions enough to begin practicing dancing to our heart song.

The Dancing activity here is a metaphor for trusting the self and expressing ourselves with integrity.

Any music selection that appeals to the workshop participants is acceptable. The list below consists of classical music, known to enhance the receptors in the brain for higher achievement and neural, wellbeing response.


Choose your music; at least three different pieces and set up your dance space.

Music Suggestions

J S Bach: Cello Suites, Volume 1 Csaba Onczay Django Reinhart – Minor Swing

La Vie en Rose – The Children’s Hospital Hush Collection Vol. 2 Young Virtuoso’s

Bach: Goldberg Variations for keyboard BWV 988 Gyorgy Ligeti: String Quartets and Duets Jaqueline du Pre Concerto Collection Disc 4 Jeanne Baxter: Bolling – Suite for Flute and jazz Trio

You can either use music that you already know or brave it with an unknown piece, possibly from the list above!

NOTE– If you like any of the above list research the availability, most music can be downloaded through ITunes etc these days.

Before we start dancing engage in a discussion about music and how it feels in the body when you listen to it.

Tell personal stories of music that has made a difference in your lives.

Can you remember a time when a piece of music felt as though it literally touched your heart?

After a little while load up one of the songs you have chosen.

As it starts stand perfectly still in the centre of the room let the music fill your body from your toes all the way to your head.

Allow it to tickle your cells, let it flow through you until you feel yourself wanting to move your body, move with the rhythm of the music.

Feel the emotion in your heart and your tummy you might feel the music in your fingertips or your head, simply honour the feelings and dance your own special dance.

When this music is over, discuss the way this music made you feel, if you felt embarrassed or shy that’s ok too, simply talk about it and express yourself in order to let your emotions flow and free up space in your body for healing.

Why not try another piece now. As you listen and dance register the difference between this song and the last one. Maybe this brought feelings into different areas of your body and made you want to dance more wildly or softly….

Discuss the difference between the music; which one did you enjoy the most, which one felt better in your body, or did they simply feel different? Both being just as enjoyable (or not enjoyable) in it’s own way!


Repeat again with the third piece letting yourself relax even further into the rhythm of the beat.

Enjoy the process of uncovering your personal rhythm.

As you do this, know that you are a unique and awesome being. You are here on earth to contribute your rhythm to the betterment of humanity and your world!

Is there someone in your life that you would like to express appreciation or love toward? Why not choose a song that feels like love to you, find it on YouTube and send the link to this special person! Or better still perform a heart dance for this special person.

Suggestions: if everyone is into it you could video your dances and watch them back, see if your heart feelings are activated or if different feelings register when you watch. Whenever you remember listen out for the different tones of life, hear the sounds that make up the music in your world. Fascinating!


2 thoughts on “Heart Music Part 5 of the ‘Loving My Heart’ Program

  1. It always amazes me when I am in a high school Assembly…like just recently at a graduation Assembly …there was the school band pumping out the music to a fantastic jazz singer..the vibes went straight through your entire body…as I was bopping along,tapping my feet and swaying with the groove..i realized that I was one of the only people actually moving to the beat.Possibly 500 people..all sitting still-was I the only one who was not intimidated to move????Life conditions people in the wrong way.

    • Ahh well, I and a lot of likeminded people are doing our best to fix this problem 😉 so maybe there will be a brighter and more joyful future for everyone!
      Thanks for commenting x

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