The Heart Garden Part 4 of ‘Loving My Heart’ Program

The Heart Garden

Goal- In this workshop we employ the naturalistic emotional intelligence to further evolve the important relationship with our heart. Creating a garden, garden box or growing a special plant dedicated to our heart, acknowledging life cycles and connection to Earth and our environment

Time Frame – This is an ongoing workshop in order to give appropriate care to your garden. Initial set up time depends upon choice, style and size of garden.

What you will need– seeds or seedlings, potting mix, plant pots or garden box or space in the garden, paper and coloured pens for the design process.



Just as our heart beating inside us gives us life so too does the Earth’s natural rhythm encourage growth and health in the creatures that live upon it.

It is essential to realise our lives have a purpose. When we feel purposeful and connected we think and behave in ways that improve our health and enhance our happiness.

Understanding that our choices affect ourselves and those around us is an important step in learning how to treat ourselves and others with respect; in doing so, we open ourselves to recognising and receiving respect throughout our lives.

Being a part of another’s life cycle helps us to directly experience our connection.

As we witness the plants response to our care we will grow neural pathways of respect and connection in the brain, establishing a foundation for compassion and kindness, we can further build upon.


First we need to get creative!

Enjoy a glass of fresh cool water. As you feel the water slide down your throat into your tummy, acknowledge that we are all in this together.

Discuss the similarities between ourselves and animals and plants. We all need water, we all need food, we all respond to the seasons, we need sun and care to keep us healthy and happy.

Gather pens and paper and discuss the type of garden you would like to grow.

You can either, grow one plant, fill a plant box or dedicate a section of the garden to your Heart project.

NOTE- If you choose to grow one plant it is a great opportunity to start from scratch with a seed. Growing a seed into a flower is an extremely stimulating and fascinating process.

Choose your plant/plants carefully, taking into account the season and your local flora.

As this is a dedication to your heart, spend some time discussing the heart and the emotions that talking about the heart and love bring up for you. What colours do you think of when you consider LOVE?

If you were doing a drawing of a happy heart which colours would you use? Which flowers represent the heart to you?

When you have decided upon the colour or colours (you can design a garden space into the shape of the heart with different flowers and colours if you choose) and bought your seeds, or seedlings, prepare your pot, box or garden space by digging and moistening the earth.

You may want to fertilise with appropriate fertiliser and create a love shape with garden rockery.

Once your space is ready, delicately and lovingly plant your seeds and seedlings. As you put your hands into the dirt remember that we are all connected and that you are now having an effect on the life cycle of the plant you are about to grow.

As you water and tend your garden or pot plant each day, remember your heart beating inside of you taking care of your body just as you are taking care of your little plant friends.

Together we make a difference to our world!


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