Little G’s Happy Heart! Part 3 of the ‘Loving My Heart’ Program

Goal– Through story-telling and writing we make a commitment to our heart to give it all it needs to stay healthy and strong.

What you will need– paper, pens/colours, staples

Time frame- Up to an hour


Becoming aware of ourselves and our connection with our physical body can ignite a personal interest in keeping ourselves well.

In this workshop we listen in on Little G’s conversation with her mother and realise the importance of taking command of our health and wellbeing.

Creating our own illustrated story helps to further cement our commitment to ourselves, bringing joy to health giving activities and fascination and motivation into our natural day to day existence.

First enjoy reading Little G’s Happy Heart (at the bottom of this post)

If your child is reading age use the opportunity to read the story in ‘role-play’ style acting out the appropriate parts.

Swap parts and pretend to be the child whilst your little one pretends to be Little G’s Mother.

Discuss keeping the feeling of love in the heart, imagine love flowing all around the heart, sparkling and twinkling.

Now it is time to create a dialogue together. Choose a health theme for example; healthy teeth, healthy lungs, hygiene, healthy hair etc

As you have the conversation, jot down the health points that come up.

When you have compiled a few points make them into a conversation between you and your child.

If your child’s name is Mary for example and you chose brain health, you might call the story Little ‘M’s Beautiful Brain!

Follow the template of Little G’s Happy Heart with a page by page simple conversation leaving room for your child to illustrate the story.

Please don’t feel you must make the story perfect, just FUN!

When the story is done, decorate a title page and staple the book together!


You have created your own story book and made staying healthy even more meaningful!

Gather your family and friends for a storytelling session and read them YOUR story!

Suggestions – print out your story and give as birthday or holiday gifts! Send your story to The I AM Program via and we will publish it and acknowledge you on the website!


Little G’s Happy Heart

Written and Illustrated by Arna Baartz© 2011


‘Mummy, what is this drum bumping in my body?’

‘Why that is your precious heart, Little G, beating loud and strong.’


‘Your heart is healthy because you eat food that is just right for you.’

‘Healthy food makes my heart strong!’ Little G, licked her lips.


‘Your heart is beating like a drum because you take good care of yourself,’ said Mummy, ‘I see you drinking plenty of fresh, cool water.’

‘Yummy, splashy water for my healthy heart,’ slurped Little G.


Your heart is strong because you love to jump and run,’ smiled Mummy.

‘Yes I DO love to run!’ Little G flicked her legs like a dancer.


’Your heart is healthy because you smile and laugh and play with your friends, Little G,’ said Mummy.

‘My heart is very happy to play games with you too Mummy,’ Little G blinked her long eyelashes.


‘Your heart is healthy because you have long sleeps at night and sometimes a short nap in the day, Little G’ said Mummy

‘I close my eyes’ said Little G, ‘then I OPEN THEM AGAIN, my heart likes that!’


‘Your heart is healthy AND happy,’ cuddled Mummy, because you can feel LOVE.’

‘My heart CAN feel love Mummy, I know, ‘cause I LOVE YOU!’


‘And my heart is happy too Little G,’ said Mummy ‘because I LOVE YOU.’


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