‘HOWDY HEART!’ Part One of the ‘Loving Your Heart Program’

The heart is the centre of the body, just as you the parent are central to your child at this time in their life.

I felt that a comprehensive 8 workshop heart program could be a great idea as a way to connect the heart with the head for a successful and invigorating journey!

I hope these next 8 posts will bring you and your child great pleasure and awesome results!

Designed as a family activity The I AM Program recommends participation by as many enthusiastic family members as possible.

Healing is never a one way street; we affect and are affected by everyone in our lives. So the healthier the hearts of those around us the more space there is for our heart to get the picture and beat to its optimum level of health

And so saying, the more love and happiness our heart generates, the more we can know that we are effecting the world around us in positive ways!

It is a fact that our children observe us closely, mimicking much of our behaviour. Even our unconscious programming is exposed on some level like a smorgasbord of values for their selection.

Our children learn to love themselves and to tend to themselves by watching us love and tend ourselves.

By developing our emotional intelligence and self-awareness we naturally evolve and heal the psychological and emotional wounds we may have been carrying within.

I have seen my children miraculously heal physically as I have personally shifted and healed certain aspects of myself emotionally.

Connection is key to a highly developed emotional intelligence so through activities that involve parent and child we see wonderful results both physically and mentally.

The heart is where it starts, so without further ado let us explore, strengthen and awaken our dynamic little friend!


Workshop One

Goal– This workshop gives us the opportunity to meet and greet the heart; giving the heart the appreciation and time it deserves through acknowledging the work being done to keep our body functional.

What you will need

Comfortable place to sit or lie, soft loving music

Time Frame

10-15 minutes


Repeat visualisation daily until it becomes second nature to acknowledge and thank the heart each morning.


Our modern lives are stimulating. The external world holds much adventure and reward, so finding time and motivation to explore our inner world is unlikely to be a priority for most.

It is, however, a healthy and revealing activity to make it a quest to know ourselves inside and out!

Ultimate success and happiness is a human right and a significant aspect of the journey there, is through dedication to self.

Our heart is at the centre of our physical wellbeing as well as the emotional brain, taking the time to get to know our heart and speak to it as though it is a valuable friend and counterpart is essential for complete personal development.

In this short but effective workshop we will be taking the time to greet and establish a true and conscious relationship with our hearts.

Lesson Plan

Sit or lie in a comfortable position.

Make sure the room is warm.

Turn on soft music or simply listen to the natural sounds around you.


Thanking My Heart Visualisation


When you are ready, breathe in deeply and let the breath out in a big sigh.

Breathe in and as you release the breath relax your hands and your feet.

Breathing in you feel you body filled with wonderful oxygen and love. Now breathing out allow your body to sink into the floor or bed.

Breathe in deeply now sink further into the bed or floor, relaxing your hands and feet.

As you breathe in now see the beautiful air swirling down to your heart.

As you breathe out relax your chest and heart.

Breathe in again, this time see the air a beautiful light green colour. Breathe the light green colour deeply into your chest and heart.

Allow your heart to be bathed in this beautiful fresh light green colour. As you breathe out imagine all the air is cleaning out your heart and chest, sweeping away any old dust or worries that may have been sitting in that area.

Breathe in deeply and let all your old worries out. Breathe in filling your chest and heart are with fresh oxygen and beautiful light green colour.

Now see your heart beating in your body, strong and healthy. Smile at your heart. Imagine your heart smiling back at you. Imagine your heart feeling proud that it is working for you and doing such a brilliant job.

Your heart is so happy that you are noticing the good work it is doing. Your heart is like a beautiful child that wants to be noticed. Smile lovingly at you heart.

Breathe in deeply giving your heart the gift of fresh oxygen to help it do its job.

Breathe out in a big sigh.

Now in your mind say ‘Thank you, for all you do for me, I love you’ to your heart.

Breathe in and out, when you are ready wriggle your fingers and toes, slowly open your eyes and smile.


Now that you have enjoyed this cleansing visualisation, share your experience with each other.

  • Do you feel different now?
  • What was it like to imagine fresh green light filling your body? Did it Feel good?
  • Was it difficult to imagine your heart happy or was it easy?
  • Would you like to do it again?

A simple discussion like this is effective in ironing out the little wrinkles we sometimes feel when attempting something new or unusual. It clears even more space for the return of your health and upliftment.



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