‘Heart Yoga’ Part Two from the ‘Loving My Heart’ Program

Goal– Introducing and using Yoga to connect with, heal and open heart chakra. Balancing body mind and spirit!

Time frame- 20 minutes (can be shortened or extended and suggest making this a daily practice for optimum results!)

What you will need– comfortable clothing, drinking water, a mat or towel, soft music.

Note- If you are new to yoga take it easy and remember to breathe. Please DO NOT over extend yourself and check with your Doctor or Yoga expert for any contraindications to yoga. Otherwise enjoy a gentle stretch, re-invigorating your body mind and spirit.


The word ‘Heart’ triggers different meanings and emotions for everyone, but it is generally agreed that it is the core of our physical and emotional wellbeing. It is also seen in the Yogic tradition as the spiritual centre.

When our spiritual centre is closed, stagnant or hurt/sad, it is seen to affect our health.

To keep ourselves healthy, it is important to open our heart ‘chakra’.

The word Chakra is a Sanskrit word that loosely means ‘turning’ or ‘wheel’ and refers to a vortex or spinning centre of energy. Energy runs through our entire body but seems to swirl and collect around certain areas.

Keeping these energy centres fresh and healthy, open and active is said to bring great benefits for the body mind and spirit.

On a physical level, the chest (heart area) houses many hardworking muscles that are prone to tightness.

It is important to be conscious of our posture as hunching the shoulders due to cold or fear or as a habit all contribute to tightness of these muscles, constriction of the area around the heart and a sense of un-ease in the body.

Below, is a sequence of yoga postures to stretch, strengthen and “open” your heart.

Prepare your yoga area with consciousness and care. Make sure it smells fresh with the use of flowers from the garden, aromatherapy oils or incense.

Note- when burning candles or oils ensure they are essential and natural and not contributing petro chemicals to your healing environment.

Yoga can be enjoyed in the open air as well as indoors.

Start your music and spend a few minutes sitting or lying comfortably as you engage your whole body and mind, letting go of your day so far; ready to experience the benefits of your yoga practice.

Have fun trying some of the stranger poses, don’t try to be perfect. Everyone does yoga perfectly for them. If you find some of the poses difficult, make up a new one! Whatever way you approach this workshop make sure it is with a sense of joy.

1. Begin in Embryo or Child’s pose.


2. Downward Dog

3. Upward Facing Dog

4. The Bow Pose


5. The Butterfly- flap your knees up and down like wings.


6. Sleeping turtle

7. Happy Baby Pose


8.Knee Squeeze

9. Lion Pose – roar like a Lion!

10. Child’s pose to relax and finish up.

Enjoy a glass of fresh water and relax for a little while.

You can pop the heart visualisation from workshop one onto the end of this workshop for a wonderful finish or engage in a discussion about Yoga and the way it made you feel.

Suggestions– Take photos of each other in poses that you enjoy and create a yoga chart to follow in your own time. Make a little yoga booklet to give to a friend!


4 thoughts on “‘Heart Yoga’ Part Two from the ‘Loving My Heart’ Program

    • your welcome!
      I saw a martial arts video on Facebook for toddlers..
      a dojang had set up a mummy and toddler class where they walked through tunnels and hit bags and climbed… they were doing martial arts training but obviously not knowing they were… excellent stuff. I do martial arts and LOVE it think it such a perfect body mind spirit activity for parents and kids! stretching is part of it too!

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