Growing Self-Esteem

One of the major contributing factors to a successful life is self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the necessary cornerstone to be found within every aspect of life, determining the degree to which a child may maximize the personal tools he or she was born with.

Self-esteem or lack thereof will influence personal development, educational opportunity, creative endeavours and responsibility for actions and consequences as well as personal relationships.

A child with high self-esteem will take pride in accomplishments, be accountable, assume responsibility where appropriate, cope with external circumstances; including sudden change, be confident enough to try new things, and exhibit emotional intelligence.

High self-esteem is self-actuating in that someone who feels good about themselves will act in ways that further increase their sense of self worth and satisfaction.

A child with superior intelligence and low self-esteem can do badly in school, while a child with average intelligence and high self-esteem can do unusually well.  High self-esteem helps a child deal with challenge and adversity.

Encouraging children to participate in activities that provide fun opportunities for learning will build their self-esteem

  • climbing something slightly difficult
  • cooking a simple salad or making their own healthy lunch
  • decorating a room with their own paintings
  • creating a garden bed
  • helping others
  • writing love letters to family members
  • looking after a pet

When a child participates in a self-esteem building exercise, make sure you ask them questions like ‘how does it feel to cook this meal?’

Point out that the dog is very grateful that he has been taken for a walk.

Notice the smile on a family members face when they receive a love-letter, point that out and ask the child how it feels to make someone else smile.

Help children realise the power to affect the world through their actions!

This will grow self-esteem and raise emotional intelligence!


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