Teaching Values To Children

If we become conscious for a moment and think about the future we might begin to see something rather obvious if not a little bit disturbing.

These children of whom we are in charge now will very shortly be in charge of us!

If nothing else this should provide the impetus to find new ways to educate them!

We must ask ourselves ‘what sort of carer would I want caring for me when I am old and incompetent?’

‘What type of value system do I want the future leaders of this country to be sporting!?’

‘Do I want career driven, authority figures, or do I want love driven authority figures?’

If we have a good long think about it we will have the basic outline for the curriculum that should be in our classrooms NOW.

I know what I want…. if I need to be cared for when I am older I want the carer to have a well developed compassion. If I get in trouble I would want the judge to be a smart yet empathetic person.

And my country well I would choose to have it governed by a tolerant, kind, confident and intelligent leader!

So there you go if we take a simplistic look at this list our school curriculum should consist of daily lessons (interactive arts based to be most effective) in COMPASSION, EMPATHY, TOLERANCE, KINDNESS, CONFIDENCE, INTELLIGENCE EMOTIONAL AND INTELLECTUAL!

Pretty simple, teach now for a bright and sustainable future for all!


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