Teaching Kids Personal Boundaries

It is important and possible to teach children how to establish personal boundaries.

Personal boundaries are very real and we do have the power to strengthen them in order to keep us safer in life.

An effective way of understanding boundaries is by recognizing how the body registers feelings of YES and NO.

A yes feeling may be light and uplifting. A no feeling can be heavy or uncomfortable. Each person will feel yes and no in their own way.

Recognizing the way ‘yes’ and ‘no’ feels personally, is a powerful tool to help us say no when we need to and yes when we choose.

We can learn how to recognize each feeling by paying attention to the body’s physical reaction in different situations.

When we have learned to recognize feelings, we can choose our response; this provides the lifelong gift of personal power.

Practice becoming aware of the body more often, choose a part of your body and focus on it, feel the feelings there, hear the sounds in your body or notice sensations on your skin. Take this further by imagining something you don’t like, how does that feel in your body? Now imagine something you already know you like, how does that feel in your body?

Feelings have a purpose and that is to guide us towards that which brings us joy, fulfillment and success!


2 thoughts on “Teaching Kids Personal Boundaries

    • so glad it helps xxx they are such loving little things, they do work it out over time, its hard to watch them be rejected though. My little one says things like ‘let’s cuddle ourselves’ ha so cute

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