I AM A Big Kid NOW!

A story for little ones just starting school, feel free to print off and share with your child

Bella was 5 yrs old.

“I am FIVE, Mum!” she said, holding up FIVE fingers, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5!”

“You are FIVE,” said Bella’s mum, “you get to go to BIG school soon.”

“YEAH COOL” said Bella, but inside she felt a little bit funny.

“How do you feel about going to big school, Bella?” Her mum asked.

‘A little bit funny’ Bella whispered.

Where do you feel funny?” asked her mum.

“Here,” Bella, put her hand on her tummy.

“So do I Bella, right here, just like you.”

“It will be alright,” said Bella’s mum, “I know a special trick! Let’s take deep breaths and think good thoughts about going to big school, our feelings might change.”

So Bella and her mum took some deep breaths together; IN ….OUT……IN ……OUT …IN …..O U T

“School might be really FUN!” said Bella’s Mum.

“Yeah,” said Bella “and COOL.”

“Yes!” said Bella’s mum. “Maybe the teacher will have a beautiful smile and know some new games!”

“YEAH” replied Bella, “and stories, I like stories!”

“Me too, maybe she will tell stories about fairies and dragons…I like those!”

“YEP” said Bella “and maybe I will get to paint and draw.”

“YES! said Bella’s mum “and learn to read and write! You can read ME a bedtime story then!”

“What does your tummy feel like, Bella?” asked her mum.

Bella sat for a moment and concentrated on her tummy. “The funny feeling is gone, I just feel happy now!”

“My feelings are changing too!” laughed Bella’s MUM. “You know, whenever you start feeling sad or scared you can play with some good happy thoughts in your mind and soon you will feel better!

“YES,” said Bella, clapping her hands, “I can’t wait to go to BIG school, ‘cause I AM five!

‘That’s RIGHT,” said Bella’s mum “YOU are a big kid now!”


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