Positive Acknowledgment is Key to a Happier Child

Sometimes parents will raised the notion that their child never expresses a particular value, so how can they acknowledge it?

The answer is ALL children will express EVERY positive value. We as parents just need to be a little more aware.

Children mimic behaviour in an effort to please us, thinking that by behaving as they have witnessed their parent or adults behave, they will gain approval.

It seems illogical to us if the behaviour is less than acceptable but a child has no established frame of reference yet.

As parents we need to be more self-aware and accountable for our behaviour than the average person.

We are in charge of little people that are watching us and not only that, they think we are the bee’s knee’s!

If Bayley is generally hyperactive but stops for a minute, the temptation is to take that quiet moment for ourselves, if instead we make a special effort to acknowledge Bayley for his choice to be calm we will build the potential for more of the same; ‘I see your peacefulness or respect in this moment Bayley.’ He will be so surprised (and excited) at hearing praise instead of a complaint, he will usually demonstrate the value of peacefulness again in a short time, this becomes your opportunity to help Bayley create a positive set of values!

Acknowledging positive values builds self-esteem in children

For more info on ‘Language Use and Acknowledgment’ contact info@theiamprogram.com


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