Life is full of music,  it is everywhere, even in the dawn the birds are chortling and the breeze is tinkling in the trees, Music affects how you feel, helps you to relax and can make you want to move and dance.

Music alerts the child’s senses to ALL sounds, the brain responds with a keen awareness to the eclectic melody within the environment.

Music is a part of every culture it inspires, soothes, excites and connects people of all ages and from all corners of life.

When a child is born it is an instinctive reaction to hum lullabies, rock gently and sing to both bring calm and to stimulate the baby’s senses.

Not only is music a natural way to connect with your baby it is also the natural way to help the brain start building the all important connections for neural growth. Music works holistically and can positively influence social, emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive growth.

Music is a wonderful and EASY way to connect with our children, when we play music or sing, our children respond; they dance or bob, sway and bang things. Rhythm is inherent in the human being, we thrive on the opportunity to participate!

Music is effective as a comforter and you may hear your child singing to themselves as a way to self-soothe. If your preschooler is grumpy or sad, you might sing a song or play music to change the energy and create an uplifting mood!


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