Using Colour With Your Kids

One of the reasons art is such a brilliant medium for expression is the inherent use of colour.

Different colours evoke different feelings for everyone.

Learning about colours and the effects they have on the individual can be a helpful tool when attempting to help a child express themselves appropriately.

People have been fascinated by the colour spectrum for as far back as history can show.

We use it to express ourselves, our culture and to make bold social statements.

Our flags use colour very particularly and we are extremely patriotic about the colours that represent our country.

There is a separate and fascinating history to each pigment that we use today from the crushing of Cochineal beetles to collecting the purple tears of sea snails!

Colour is an emotional experience and as such can be used as an effective tool to evoke or subdue the emotions.

If you have observed that your child loves the colour green for example and that when playing with, or around green they become calmer and more attentive you may choose to paint their bedroom green to the benefit of all.

So switch on your amazing parental observation radar and play colour games with the kids! Ask questions about what colours feel good and which feel not so good.

Paint your feelings and watch the colours your children choose to depict the emotions!

Make colour work for YOU, in your house with your babies.

Colour is COOL!



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