Conscious Breathing Equals Calmer Children.

Teaching our children to meditate can be quite challenging until we realise

that meditation is a state of mind that can be achieved in a few seconds!

Some might call it the holy instant, where body mind and spirit are brought into the NOW as one!

So when you are with your children meditate out loud! haha do you know what I mean?

When we stick to traditional methods of meditation (or anything) in a fixed and rigid way we miss out on innovative and effective results!.

So when you are with children (I find being in the car with teenagers is a good spot as they can’t get away)

breathe, speak gently and calm your body, suggest that everyone play along…

Say :

breathe in to the count of four…feel the breath in your lungs, hold for four… breathe out for four….feel the difference

(talk about feelings a LOT)

clear the mind…..let thoughts go….. breathe in to your mind….

Use this breathing to clear your mind for your day…

see the world as a movie and with every breath you are directing your day…… YOU are the boss!

At home with your little ones, paint and breathe..


Lets make big breathing lines!

big painty strokes NOW as you breathe in…..

hold the breath and then LET go in a beautiful long rainbow!

breathe in … imagine you are a balloon!

Paint your balloon as you breathe O U T!!!

This is an adequate introduction to meditation  for children

Play Play Play

Use big messy movements, meditation doesn’t need to be quiet it just needs to be conscious!

YOU are an awesome parent!


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