Kids and Mindful Movement

Stretching the body doesn’t need to be a routine (routines can seem b o r i n g sometimes)
Make it part of your play time!
YES it is up to US to get down on the ground and PLAY with the kids
We will evolve immeasurably if we make an intention to do this regularly!
Playing on the ground with our children can make us
  • better partners
  • more conscious parents
  • more focused workers
  • happier people!
There are some awesome animal postures in yoga that bring great wellbeing!
Make a jungle game and include animals like LIONS and Monkeys, tall Flamingos, curled up Echidna’s or turtles…stretchy cats, and snakes… for holding the pose have music playing (or sing loudly) … be animals and when the music stops hold the animal pose.
For mindfulness in your playful yoga… say things like ‘ lets take a deep jungle breath now, gather our POWER and R O A RRRRR!’
Be creative… 🙂
It is the idea and the vocabulary we need to bring into our children’s live’s
Let the serious poses can come later!

8 thoughts on “Kids and Mindful Movement

  1. Thank you visiting my site. I agree with your post. There is power in play. I try to make the most of play with my kids especially when they’re growing up too fast. I’ll be losing my playground playmates soon!

  2. My daughters LOVE yoga (and ballet and tap and gymnastics and pretty much anything sports/playground related)! I enjoy doing the exercises with them and they are more excited about it when I participate 🙂

    • they would thrill inside when you participate! It triggers all sorts of complicated hormones when we play with each other and so much the more powerful when it is someone we admire that wants to spend time expressing themselves to our tune! Apparently losing weight is more likely when we are actually having fun doing our exercise!!! how interesting is that! your’e a good mummy xx

  3. I’ve read a couple of your posts, and as i go through each one, i’m going…Amen!!!!! to that, you’ve truly found a way to become a better person, by connecting with kids. Being a parent has taught me so much about enjoying life and being a part of what I would have considered an alien lifestyle a couple years ago. And it all starts with getting down to play, being creative and letting our kids be our guides.

    • So true! it simple really but so much of our own early conditioning can stand in the way of our true connection… it is the way of the future I think to really be here for the children so they grow up with a stronger sense of themselves and their inner power to effect the world in positive ways! Thanks for reading and commenting! xx

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