A World Full Of Happier People!

The Human Being uses programming as the first and foremost technique for learning. Repetition creates memory clusters in the brain allowing us easy access to information we have ‘programmed’ in. This is how we learn the basics for reading and writing.

Humans are also creative, once the memory has been established we have the potential to expand upon it. Taking this into account it is logical to expect a major shift in social consciousness once we begin applying the same re-iteration strategies to raising emotional intelligence, creating positive value systems and high self-esteem.

The values of

  • Respect for self
  • Love for self
  • Pride in oneself and one’ achievements
  • Compassion for self

Translate into

  • Respect for others and the environment
  • Love for others
  • Compassion for others
  • Pride in others and other’s achievements

The true honouring of the self and differences = the true honouring of other’s and their differences.

When asked ‘What do you think would happen if children were taught how to really love and care for themselves at school; if you spent as much time learning self-love and self-respect as you do learning to read and write?’

Children surveyed have had a resounding response, ‘A world full of happier people’.

If eleven year olds can make the connection between personal development/emotional intelligence and a more positive future, then it can’t be that big a leap for the educators of the world to see it as well!




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