The Little Things

When children are encouraged to see magic in the world around them they automatically

feel awe INSPIRED.

Focusing on the miracles in nature helps us gain an awareness of our own miraculousness!

Life is full of natural things that are amazing and have come about on next to impossible odds!

Including US!

So whether we believe in God or the Universe or Mother Earth the one abiding fact is that we exist,

and this pure existence is worth celebrating!

Teach children to be astounded at the natural world and soon they will naturally make the connection between their awesomeness and what they are seeing!

Create a garden together

Go on a ‘bush walk’

Sit by a stream

Breathe the morning air

Make a Wall Garden Poster! (Contact me for details)

Feel the connection between yourselves and the world you live in on the deepest levels!

The future of humanity can only benefit as each individual remembers LOVE.



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