Teaching Kindness To Our Children


Did you know that kindness can be taught?

The brain is a very malleable organ and with the right conditioning we could have the next generation making random acts of kindness as a natural and  regular part of their daily lives!

Ha! It makes me shiver with glee, this thought!

Here is how it works (my simplified version):

The human is a marvellous and fascinating creature, when we focus on a thought, we trigger the growth of neurons in the brain. If we focus over and over again the neurons branch out into a type of memory tree. Couple this with the emotional responses in the body and the tree grows bigger, faster and brighter!

THIS is how we learn everything. For example When we teach a child to read and write it is through re-iteration that the message sticks and it doesn’t take that long to create a rudimentary template for language, written, spoken and read.

We don’t give much credence to the emotional world in school, YET that is where much of our power as individuals and as a collective lies.

Through a daily introduction to an emotional vocabulary, fun and interactive lessons in emotional intelligence and awareness and positive values construction we CAN influence our children enmasse to look at life from a positive perspective.

People with high awareness and emotional intelligence are far more likely to lead successful and happy lives AND influence others in positive ways.

Emotional Intelligence education as a priority teaching in every classroom everyday for a bright and sustainable future!!


8 thoughts on “Teaching Kindness To Our Children

  1. What a wonderful site. I’m from a large family and have always enjoyed being around children (Brownie Leader, Religious Ed instructor, active PTA and Mother’s Guild member, children’s party entertainer…). They are our future. Thanks for following me and I look forward to reading your posts.

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