Connecting With Your Child

There are many ways to connect with your child.

Soft touch

Eye contact

Laughing Sessions (there are laughing meditations that are very simple and fulfilling)

Being unexpectedly silly…dancing past them at the breakfast table!

Notes in their lunch box, on the bathroom mirror, under the pillow

Telling them often that you are available to listen.

Asking questions, listening patiently to the answers 🙂

Pushing past false boundaries that teenagers put up and leaping on them in a kind of cuddle pile up!

Creative visualisation at bedtime…ie- You are feeling soft and sleepy as you breathe in your tummy is filling up with beautiful white light all sparkly like the stars… when you breathe out, you are surrounded in stars….

But the BEST way to ensure connection with your child is to take some time each day to connect deeply with yourself…LOVE yourself and if you are not sure how to start, try some of the above or contact me for my 30 day I AM Change ebook, FREE for you.




6 thoughts on “Connecting With Your Child

    • me too… i have experimented over the years with all my children but had sort of forgotten about it until last night with my bouncy 4 yr old…and LO AND BEHOLD he was asleep peacefully after about 5 minutes, pretty amazing really!

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