Teaching children about the present

Repetitive PRESENCE exercises will help children come into conscious awareness and give them coping skills for life.

Each day speak enthusiastically of NOW.

 Do you find that much of your conversation with or in you child’s hearing is related to the past of worries about the future?

Create simple moments with your child to introduce the vocabulary of NOW

Take off your shoes and stand still, feel of the ground beneath your feet , repeat 3 times






you are love


Teaching our children begins with US!

SONY DSCDeveloping emotional intelligence  in children is akin to raising conscious awareness.

The most effective way to raise consciousness is step by step, one by one, awareness of the present, moment by moment until we are delivering an example of peace and happiness.

As you become a consciously aware parent and educator your essence will naturally flow outward  to your children in a healing wave of conscious awareness.

One by one we affect change.

There is an old proverb that goes something like ‘If my feet are hurting as I walk, do I cover the whole earth in leather or do I place leather over the soles my feet …?’

It must start with the I the individual.

We are responsible for our world and once 7 billion worlds are dancing to the music of harmony we will have achieved our goal of becoming all that we can be!

Easy Booklet to Develop Mindfulness in Families!

391836_10151274605293290_917052934_nWe have developed a simple 52 task and affirmation set to help parents,educators and kids reclaim their I AM’ness!

The HOMEFUN booklet is designed to activate the child’s awareness by using simple affirmations, techniques and suggestions.

The HOMEFUN booklet is an effective tool for developing awareness of self, others and the world around.

When used in conjunction with an ongoing program of personal growth the HOMEFUN booklet will re-iterate and lock into place a positive option for future decision making in a child’s mind.

Simply use at home with your children to create a more mindful family vibe!

Can be offered as a take home sheet at the end of each school week, the HOMEFUN sheet will encourage the child to continue their journey into self-acceptance on their own time.

You can pick up Home Fun at http://www.theiamprogram.com it’s only $5 and a portion of your purchase is being used to support LOVE IS THE ANSWER to look after beautiful little orphans in Uganda.

We are one!

Calling GREAT Educators!

P1050379Calling all great, forward thinking educators!!

I am looking for motivated, emotionally aware teachers who would consider running/piloting a simple Values program in the classroom for me?

The program is called Kids InTouch or the KIT, and includes the resources to cover a one hour session, once a week for one term, activity, affirmation, visualisation EASY! plus FREE second edition ‘E I ED’ Developing Emotional Intelligence in Children and Adding Value to Your Classroom’. It also comes with a simple feedback sheet to be completed at the end of term and collected by me.

At this stage the KIT is digital but will be available in the future in hardcopy as a the KIT for Educators and the KIT for Families.

I WOULD LOVE to hear from you…. the feedback will be part of our campaign to convince The Dept of Ed. to include a set values program into our school curriculum.

A MUCH needed addition to reach all kids especially those who might normally slip through the gap for a bright, sustainable and bully free future.

The I AM Program

From Sad to Happy

SONY DSCWhen we are having a negative thought or find ourselves stuck in a stream of uncomfortable thought/ feelings, there is a simple technique for regaining our sense of balance and calm.

Find the feeling you are having on the emotion scale and acknowledge this feeling in your body.

This may mean you need to sit and feel the ‘bad’ feeling for a moment and make an intention to change your mind; affirm your intention with a simple affirmation, ‘I AM willing to change’.

Look for a thought that feels slightly better than the one you are having.

For example if you feel angry at your partner, instead of thinking ‘I am angry’ or ‘It is his fault’ you may think something along the lines of ‘he has nice eyes’ or ‘it’s only one moment ‘ or ‘we do the best we can, with what we know’.

With little, better feeling thoughts, moment by moment we lift ourselves out of our negative holding pattern.

This could also be viewed as an effective forgiveness technique.

One emotion at a time we head toward JOY!

Scale depicted from apex to rock bottom

Joy/Knowledge/Freedom/Love/Appreciation Passion

Positive Expectation/Belief Optimism






Overwhelming Disappointment











It isn’t always easy to go from sadness to happiness, BUT we can use the scale of emotions to help us take one step at a time.


choosing positive thoughts, creating new attitudes and enjoying a better life! 

Free I AM A Rainbow ~ I AM Love Meditation Download

SONY DSCThe I AM Program and Lorraine from Teach Children Meditation have combined our efforts to produce a FREE download for you and your children.

Providing tools to children to help them find their inner peace and calm is a lifetime gift.

Lorraine has a beautiful voice, very easy to listen to, I suggest this as a bedtime ritual with your children.

it would be amazing to see it being used in the classroom at least once a week for a more peaceful playground and as a family connection exercise.

However you choose to use this meditation I KNOW you will enjoy it and your family WILL benefit.

With love from the I AM Program and Feel Good Therapies.



Westboro Baptist Church are Getting Away with BULLYING!

P1070205 2If the Westboro Baptist ‘Church’ intends to picket funerals of children I do believe they need to be arrested for disturbing the peace or inciting a riot.

It truly is NOT freedom of speech/first amendment stuff to cause emotional turmoil to others.

It is Pre-meditated emotional BULLYING!

If we wouldn’t allow it in the playground it shouldn’t be allowed on the streets.


Using fear to manipulate others is not a tactic that belongs to any true God but only to the separated human mind.

These Westboro people are misguided publicity hounds….don’t stand by and let it happen, SandyHook.


Why does Violence happen and HOW do we change it?

P1070205I’m a mummy and my heart breaks.

I am saddened that other mummy’s and daddy’s and grandparents and brothers and sisters are hurting.

I dearly want to fix it for everyone.

Why do we lash out? We need to personalise the question… why are people dying all over the world in violence?

Do truly happy and aware people cause pain to others?

I think the answer to the last question is a resounding NO so the next question might be,

Why are we all searching for happiness so desperately? All the happiness and love quotes in social media are indicative of a kind of desperation a lacking of our inner contentment and happiness.


How do we bring happiness and awareness to MORE of us… HOW do we get happiness and awareness to evolve into a natural expectation for one’s life?

Somewhere in the busy ness and stimulation of our journey as a planet we have created a state of mind that doesn’t include happiness as a priority, and a direct result of this neglect is frustration/mental confusion and violence.

So simply, it is time to re-prioritise.

First step RENEGOTIATE our school curriculum to prioritise EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

Which is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage your emotions in positive and constructive ways.


It is about switching on or bringing synergy to both
hemispheres of the brain for clarity of mind and solution orientated thinking!


Emotional Intelligence is about recognizing your own emotional state, the emotional states of others and communicating with empathy and compassion.


Incorporating Emotional Intelligence Education into your home, classroom or community is


          E~ empathy, expression, excellence


          A~ awareness, acceptance, appreciation


          S~ self-esteem, success, sustainability


          Y~ your world, your tomorrow

SERIOUSLY it is time to consciously and actively direct the growth of our youth to reduce outbreaks of violent frustration such as the Newton tragedy and other horrendous moments in our life on Earth.




Food Choices for a Happier Christmas

IMG_0124In all my years as a parent the best festive days with children are those that start with fruit instead of chocolate!!


When I was a younger mum, I was very  innocent and well ignorant  actually about nutrition and the effect different foods and the chemicals in them they could have on my children.

As I have matured I realise that these babies come in so pure, their little tastebuds are fresh, fruit is SO sweet, spices are so spicy.

When a preservative or flavour hits their body for the first time it’s like a bomb going off.

I am so glad I worked some of this out before these last babies came into my life, it has made our days much easier!

Food consciousness is such an important part of parenting, not that we withhold treats, sugar or whatever we are just more aware of the timing for handing them out and in manageable quantities.

I think completely withholding the treats of this world from kids can also have a negative affect… but once again it is more about the attitude than the action.

Oh parenting…. we are in a very powerful position that seems to come with a lot of responsibility….having said that it also comes equipped with the solutions, if we can slow down and breathe deeply enough to allow them to surface.


SO even though Christmas is FUN it is also highly energetic with different people/different dynamics, sugar highs and lows, fatigue from excitement, preparing food and gifts till late, and getting up before dawn!

We CAN make it a less stressful day and put out fruit, fruit juice and water in the morning, play calming or classical music if possible, encourage kids to stop every now and then during the day…. maybe even slow the pace of gift giving and give the time to truly appreciate the moment….

SUCH fun!


World Peace- It Starts with ONE and Ends With ONE

IMG_0478We all want a peaceful life whether we believe it is possible or not.

And we know we are happier when we are smiling and calm and when we feel free to be ourselves.

So as parents we need to find ways to teach children to recognise and acknowledge their emotions and to be who they feel they really are not just who we might like them to be. We need to encourage  self-expression within healthy boundaries and encourage our children to SMILE a LOT!

World Peace IS possible but we can’t look outside ourselves we really have to start within our own heart.

HERE in our home and family unit sits the ticket to peace on Earth.

Wherever there is a child there is an opportunity to affect our future in a positive and sustainable way!.

BE Peace today!